Osmo Ikonen – 09.02.2013

Interview mit Osmo Ikonen (Solokünstler, Keyboarder bei Sunrise Avenue, Bassist bei The northern Governors, …) aus Helsinki vom 09.02.2013.

Can you imagine a life without music?

No, not really. I think I would just go to death … no, I think I wouldn’t do that, but it’s very hard to imagine.

What is more important for you – playing with Sunrise Avenue or your projects with other bands ?

Well, that’s a hard question as well. Of course my own solomusic is my number one project, but when it comes to playing with other bands, I guess then my number one band, like my number one side-project, then is Sunrise Avenue.

Not the Governors?

Well… hard to say I think … (grinst) … but maybe I usually prioritize the gigs. So if there’s a Northern Governors – gig and a Sunrise Avenue – gig at the same time I still choose the Sunrise Avenue – gig. Unless it’s like really important for the Governors !

How many instruments can you play and which ?

Well, anybody can play any instrument basically just to make a sound out of it or something, but if I count the instruments I would like to do a gig with, then it would be: Cello, guitar, piano, base, vocals, percussion maybe, drums, violin … All those are the instruments I have done gigs with already.

Has your life changed because of being famous and it is difficult to handle now?

Oh, I’m not that famous, I mean … I’m relative unknown, so people don’t like to hustle me when I wake up in the morning before my apartment, stand at the frontdoor and take pictures or something, you know, I mean it’s not like that … so … it’s okay, I don’t mind. Really.

What are your future solo plans ?

Well, I’m working on a new album.

Is there any release date ?

Not really, I am still bullshaking with the record company, so we haven’t got a date now … but well, they say the third album is the hardest one or the hardest thing and I didn’t believe it, but they are right. (lacht)

You asked your fans to send you ideas for new lyrics. Were you able to use them ?

Yes, I’ve got a lot of very good ideas and fortunately I could use them. Although there hasn’t been one particular story but always parts from it. Thank you for the inspiration !!

Can you imagine to sing classic music just like an opera ?

Oh, I don’t know … laaaa- liiii … (beginnt entsprechend zu singen und lacht dann) … yeah, I think I could do it !!

What was the best fan-present you ever got ?

Hmmm … (überlegt etwas) … the pen that says “Osmo’s Kuli”.

And now a little game. Choose your favorite of two terms or things.

·        Summer or winter ?              Summer. Definitely.

·        Beer or wine ?                       Bbbb …. wine 🙂

·        Party evening in the city or weekend in the Mökki ?     Weekend in Mökki.

·        Car or bicycle ?                     Bicycle. Nooo… yeah, bicycle.

·        Smallc lub or big arena ?       Both. Beides. Well, big arena, maybe better. Yeah.

·        Fisu or Jägermeister ?           Fisu.

·        Hesburger or McDonalds ?   Hesburger.

·        Rock or Jazz ?                      Rock.

·        Finland or USA ?                   Finland.

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